about automatic enrolment

About Automatic Enrolment



All employers are required by law to put Eligible workers into a workplace pension

on the employers 'go live' date.


A workplace pension is an easy way to save money for your retirement.


If your employer has enrolled you into their workplace pension, you will start saving for your retirement 

and your employer (and the taxman) will pay money in as well.


The money will be invested in a pension pot in your name and for your benefit, so if

you leave your employment you get to keep the pension pot.


You will receive an email (or your employer will write to you) to let you know that you have been

enrolled you into their workplace pension. 


If you don't wish to save for your retirement, you will be told

how you can 'opt-out' and stop saving.


You can 'opt-out' of the pension within one month of being enrolled, and if you choose to do so,

any contributions taken from your pay will be refunded. Your employer will stop making contributions if you opt-out.


Please note that contributions are only refunded if you opt-out within 1 month of being enrolled into the pension.


If you do opt-out, you can start saving again in the future, and if you are eligible,

your employer will start paying in again as well.


If you have any questions about automatic enrolment or your workplace pension,

you can call us on 0345 475 1071.




Your money is in safe hands

The pension contributions are invested with Scottish Widowsone of the UK's most trusted Life, Pensions and Insurance providers.

Do you have any questions?


If you have any questions about your workplace pension - you may find the answers in the Q&A document.


Can't find the answer?


Just give us a call on 0345 475 1071 and ask us the question.



Transferring pension money in and out of your workplace pension

Your workplace pension is flexible. You can transfer pension money in during your employment and

transfer money out to another pension if you leave employment.

Do you have existing pension plans?

In many cases you can transfer your existing pension money to your workplace pension. Combining your funds may provide you with more money at retirement - but it is important that you take professional qualified advice before you transfer.


If you have existing pensions and would like to know more about our SimpleAE Transfer Service

just call us on 01844 275 373 and one of the team will be pleased to help you.

0345 475 1071


Automatic Enrolment made easy