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Managing your Automatic Enrolment duties


The SimpleAE service will take care of everything for you - except the 3 things only you can do, which are:


  1. Run your payroll in the normal way (making any changes as advised by SimpleAE)

  2. Decide if you have any Personal Service Workers (self-employed individuals that work for you and invoice you for their time) and include them in the process if necessary

  3. Pay the Pension Contributions as they fall due



The SimpleAE Process


After you have processed your final payroll before your Staging Date, you will upload the payroll data to the SimpleAE Portal that will be created for you (we will help you with this).


We will use this data to carry out the Assessments, Communications, Compliance and Record Keeping for you.


About 3 days before your payroll cut-off date, we will email the person that manages your payroll with details of any changes that need to be made before the next payroll is due to be processed.


Because we use 3 Month Postponement (at your Staging Date and for all new workers) to manage the process for you, there is no time pressure when you process your payroll, something that has been

a significant issue for many larger employers. 



It is the Employer's responsibility to decide which 'workers'

are in scope for Automatic Enrolment



The automatic enrolment duties require employers to assess, and if eligible,

enrol their ‘workers’ into a pension scheme.


The term ‘workers’ can include some self-employed people that carry out work

for you (referred to as Personal Service Workers).


The Pensions Regulator recommends that employers seek employment law advice if they are unsure

about the employment status of their workers.


If you decide a Personal Service Worker is not in scope, we recommend that you document the reasons why you have excluded them, so that you can refer to this in the future if your decision is challenged.




 Employment Documentation


Employers will also need to review and update their employment documentation to take account

of their new employment duties before their ‘go live’ date.








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