Complying with automatic enrolment legislation is

time consuming and costly if you get it wrong


Automatic enrolment legislation is complex and requires planning and decisions to be made, something that smaller employers may not have the time or pension knowledge to do - nor indeed wish to do.


From our experience of helping employers meet their auto-enrolment duties over the last 3 years, we understand the issues faced by smaller employers and why the solution for your business needs to be simple and easy to operate.


That is why we launched SimpleAE, specifically designed for smaller employers that don't have HR and Pension departments and need help in complying with this legislation.



 We manage everything for you - except the things only you can do

Making automatic enrolment easy for you


SimpleAE makes it easy for you to comply with your new duties as we manage everything -


except the things only you can do.


The things you don't need to do with SimpleAE


  • Choose a pension provider

  • Decide on the Earnings Definition

  • Assess your workers

  • Issue communications

  • Manage opt-outs and opt-ins

  • Maintain records

  • Communicate with the Pensions Regulator

  • Administer pension contributions

  • Complete the 5 month Declaration of Compliance

  • Complete the 3 yearly Declaration of Compliance

  • Answer questions on automatic enrolemnt



All these tasks (and many more) are taken care of by the SimpleAE process and auto-enrolment team that will support you - starting from your staging date and every payroll thereafter.





You don't need to pay for additional payroll software

Some payroll providers are charging for upgrading their systems to manage automatic enrolment. The SimpleAE solution uses the existing payroll software - so there is no extra cost for you.

The pension money is in safe hands

The pension money is invested with Scottish Widows, one of the UK's most trusted Life, Pensions and Insurance providers. In our experience, employers and employees prefer to have a pension scheme with a well known and trusted provider.

The SimpleAE solution is not middleware

Many employers have used what is referred to as 'middleware' to manage the automatic enrolment process for them. Whilst this is a cost effective solution for larger employers, it is generally not suitable for smaller employers.

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Automatic Enrolment made easy