If you would like to outsource your automatic enrolment duties and concentrate on running your business


                                 The SimpleAE service will take care of the following:


  • Establishing your Qualifying Workplace Pension scheme

  • Investing the contributions in Scottish Widows funds

  • Assessing your workers each time you run your payroll

  • Issuing the communications

  • Managing opt-outs and opt-ins

  • Re-enrolling opt-outs at the 3 year anniversary of your Staging Date

  • Maintaining the compliance records

  • Processing the pension contributions each time you run your payroll

  • Completing the 5 month Declaration of Compliance

  • Completing the 3 yearly Declaration of Compliance

  • A UK based telephone helpline to answer automatic enrolment questions from your employees


All these tasks (and many more) are taken care of by the SimpleAE process and

auto-enrolment team that will support you - starting from your staging date and every payroll thereafter.





0345 475 1071


Automatic Enrolment made easy